2023  Iron Bull Trailers  Gooseneck 7x14 16k 8k Axles DBG Roll Off Trailer System  - R16K714GI-STACK3

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    ### **2023 Iron Bull DBG Gooseneck 7x14 16k 8k Axles, 16 Ply Tires Roll Off Dumpster Trailer System with three 14 foot, 14 yard capacity dumpster cans.**

    ### **Iron Bull is known for beefy and this roll off system is built tough.**

    ### **Perfect for contractors, builders, landscapers. One trailer, multiple containers, multiple job sites, safer than leaving trailers on job sites. Can be purchased with any number of containers and flatbeds now available for hauling equipment and materials with same trailer that moves your dumpsters. See pricing below.**

    ### 8k axles and 16 ply tires on this system, 7k axles and 10 ply tires available for $2000 less.

    ### Iron Bull Gooseneck 16k 7x14 Roll-off Trailer Only $12,495.

    ### 14 foot long, 14 cubic yard dumpsters with roll tarp in front are $5500 each.

    ### We have Iron Bull Compatible Good Guys containers $5195 for 14 Yard and $6196 20 Yard. 14 yard cans are 4 foot sides and 20 yard cans have 6 foot sides.

    ### 8x16 Flatbed for Rolloff Trailer $4500.

    ### Iron Bull Gooseneck 14k Roll-off Trailer and one 14 foot long, 14 yard dumpster $15,995 With GG Can $15,690

    ### Iron Bull Gooseneck 14k Roll-off Trailer and two 14 foot long, 14 yard dumpsters $21,495 With GG Cans $20,885

    ### Iron Bull Gooseneck 14k Roll-off Trailer and three 14 foot long, 14 yard dumpsters $26,995 With GG Cans $26.080

    ### Iron Bull Gooseneck 14k Roll-off Trailer and four 14 foot long, 14 yard dumpsters $32,495 With GG Cans $31,275

    ### **This trailer is loaded features! It sits on a 10" I-beam where others use 8". It has Iron Bull's industry leading warranty: Two years complete coverage with roadside assistance, three years structural and axle rating varying by manufacturer. This trailer features axles with a 5 year warranty. Unlike others it houses a dependable Warrior winch with wireless and wired remote inside it's own toolbox. The extra toolbox houses the winch, two batteries and an on board charger/tester. The main toolbox between the dual 10k jacks contains a third battery and the KTI USA hydraulic pump to power the dump scissor hoist. All three batteries will trickle charge from the truck while towing but there is on board battery chargers so all you need is an extension cord to recharge if the batteries are low from frequent dumping.**

    ### **Each dumpster cannister comes with it's own on board tarp system. It is much easier to tarp dumpsters while they are on the ground before loading them on to the trailer. Dumpster cans are 10 gauge steel sides and floor.**

    ### **Cross Compatible with all 60" rail width systems like PJ and MaxxD.**

    ### **We stock the Iron Bull Roll off systems with 7k and 8k axles in 14, 16 and 20 foot.**

    ### See our walk around video of the 16 foot system at [https://youtu.be/sUQE_wsVGFc](https://youtu.be/sUQE_wsVGFc)** 20 foot video coming soon!

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