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We try to make financing with Chipper LLC as easy and efficient as possible, with a majority of our options offered and completed on-site! We understand that holding onto capital to ensure that the materials and labor are paid can be vital to completing your job, and of course, TO GET PAID!

We also understand the hardship that comes with launching a start up company, and how a majority of lenders will not want to take the risk.

They do not understand the experience and time you have spent in a field, and that you are confident that you don’t need to punch a clock anymore!

Our staff has spent years studying the in’s and out’s of lending to provide you the best option for you and whatever situation you may be experiencing.

Other than being able to assist in finding the correct product for your purpose, we are educated in understanding variables that play into a lender’s decision.

This means everything from credit history, debt to income ratio, previous inquiries, and past loans, medical bills, compatible credit lines, as well as other determining factors lenders may have when weighing an approval.

This allows us to advise you which lender and rate would give you the highest likelyhood of approval, no matter your score.

Have a lender of your own?

We are here for you! That means if you are more comfortable working with your own lender, don’t feel pressured to use ours.

Give your lender my contact information: Amber (770) 380-5665 or

Challenged Credit?

Check out Chippers-Finance/Lease application – Equipment Finance ( Rogue Leasing has options for recent bankruptcies, tax liens, non-citizens, and credit scores down to 400!