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    Halverson Skid Steer Mounted Firewood Processor HWP-150 features a longer grab arm that opens parallel to the log. It cuts logs that are 20-22 in diameter and it has more splitting force than the 140B.

    Full Size Skid Steer Attachment


    * Designed for the commercial user that cuts 100-200+ cords per year
    * Comes standard with an Adjustable 4-Way Splitting Head
    * An Adjustable 6-Way Splitting Head is also available
    * One-man operation with simple controls
    * Operate the machine from the safety and comfort of the cab on your Skid Steer Mini Excavator & even Tractor
    * Process 1 to 2 cords per hour!
    * Mobile -- take it to the wood instead of having to bring the wood to the splitter!
    * Easy to set up and easy to store. Quick attach/ detach.
    * Process wood right into your truck or trailer

    This listing is for both wedges $22,225

    Also available with 4 way adjustable wedge only for $21500

    Also available with 6 way adjustable wedge only for $21735

    Call for fantastic shipping prices!

    ### Description

    Perfect for light commercial and residential use the HWP-150 Skid Steer Firewood Processors of Halverson Wood Products in Pine River MN truly make the job hassle-free. When attached to a skid steer or other equipment it enables the operator to easily and efficiently perform wood cutting and splitting tasks which normally require 2 to 3 people and a couple of tools -- all in the comfort of the cab seat.

    How our Firewood Processor Attachment Works

    Logs are picked up with the equipment's forks and then rolled onto the trough and moved to the table. Once in position the operator engages the chain swathe log is cut and then falls into the splitting trough. The advancement arm of the firewood processor moves the log to the next cutting position while simultaneously ramming the cut piece into the splitter. Our firewood processing equipment can cut wood into lengths of up to 22 inches and can split the wood into 4 or 6 pieces depending on the choice of splitting heads.

    How do I know if Halverson Firewood Processors will work with my machine?

    Our processors are built to be compatible with many common skid steer brands and other equipment that uses the universal attachment plate. Please refer to the specifications below. Here are some of the basic compatibility requirements that must be available on your skid steer to operate our processors.

    * Case Drain
    * Minimum 15 GPM Flow Rate (no more than 20)
    * Minimum 2850 PSI Chipper LLC Trailers and Equipment

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