Privacy Policy

Warranties: Warranties are typically one year but vary by product. Some products carry two years or longer warranties. Some specify shorter. We are an authorized dealer but warranties are provided by the manufacturer. This means we do not have total control in all cases. We must collect all data and submit to manufacturer for approval. Warranties cover failed equipment not equipment damaged by misuse. Warranty or not we do all we can to ensure that is a quick process. Warranty repairs are done at our location. In most instances the manufacturer requests repairs are done at the authorized dealer. Customer is responsible for getting equipment to our location. Warranty does not cover travel expenses. In certain instances some manufacturers will send replacement parts direct to customers but the norm is repair at authorized dealer.

Lead times for repairs: We do all we can to ensure lead times for warranty repairs are the shortest around. We only service the equipment we sell and do not accept any other service work. Our mechanics maintain our rental equipment and when customers have warranty issues we prioritize those repairs. Simple repairs are often done while you wait.

Loaners: We do not loan equipment while warranty repairs are being done. The warranty is to bring the broken machinery to back to working condition. As the owner of the company I can tell you that I have waited months on warranty repairs many times. We strive to get your repair done with industry leading speed but loaners are not included.

Returns: Our returns policy is we do not accept returns. A failed item is not grounds for return. That would fall under warranty category above. We strongly advise you to be certain the items you are buying are what you need. Do all the research you can. We are happy to help you make the decision. We will consider returns on a case by case basis but typical restocking fees, normally 15% apply to cover administrative costs, marketing and inventory costs associated with returns. Used machinery would be subject to additional fees.

Liability: Machinery is QC inspected by the manufacturer but since the liability of operation lies with the user, said user must inspect machinery daily before use. Manufacturer owners manuals and operations manuals are typically available on manufacturers web site if a printed manual is not provided.

Loading of Vehicles: We are happy to assist in loading equipment in your vehicle at your request and risk but we do not accept liability for damages incurred to vehicles on our yard. We recommend using or renting a trailer when possible rather than risking damage to your vehicle.

Slips and Falls: We are a construction equipment sales and rental yard. Portions of our lot are gravel. Please proceed with caution and wear proper attire. Use caution when climbing over and around machinery. We cannot accept liability for slips and falls. Please take caution before entering.