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    2024 Timberwolf Alpha6 Log Splitter Honda GX700 20.7Hp 28GPM With Box Wedge Retract Arm 5 Cylinder Log Lift Sorting Grate No Wedge Lift.

    The no wedge lift option saves you $800. When running only the box wedge there is no need for the wedge lift. We stock two ways.

    #1 Loaded version with wedge lift ideal if you intend to run the Alpha 6 with box wedge and with 4- or 6-way wedges.

    #2 The Alpha 6 excels with the box wedge and is typically a 50% speed increase even versus other commercial 6-way splitters due to labor savings and many customers run it exclusively with that wedge. It is how I run my personal unit. The large frame of the Alpha 6 with log lift on operator side is ideal for all your straight and fairly knot free wood. However, the large frame with log lift on operator side is not ideal for manual re-splitting needed when running a 4-way wedge for your really knotty wood not suitable for box wedge. The large frame and log lift gets in the way. Thus, I leave my Alpha 6 with box wedge only and use a smaller splitter for my knotty and crooked wood. A smaller frame splitter with log lift opposite the operator is better when you have to manually handle your re-splits. If you need one splitter for everything, choose option #1. If you are a commercial user who already has a smaller splitter keep it for your re-splits and use your Alpha for your fairly straight and fairly knot free wood.

    The box wedge and retract arm are a FANTASTIC speed increase but all box wedges need fairly straight and knot free wood. It doesn't have to be perfect but large knots and crotches passing through the box wedge risk damage to the wedge and are mutilated as they pass through the box wedge. Terribly knotty stuff ideally should be 2-way or 4-way split.

    We sell and also personally own and operate these splitters. The retract arm saves tons of time and labor. The open bottom box wedge gives the best features of a box wedge like consistent piece size, but its open bottom produces less strain on the splitter and waste than a closed box wedge. If you have a firewood business the labor savings alone will pay for this splitter in the first year. We doubled our production when we went from a conventional 4/6-way splitter to this model.

    Log lift can lift blocks of wood up to 500# and can also serve as a staging table. The log lift can be mounted on the operator side when running the box wedge and retract arm or on the opposite side when using the 4-way or 6-way where you need to manually sort the resplits.

    Dual HD Jacks for stability

    Priced with 5 Cylinder and 8 second cycle time produces almost 30 Tons splitting force

    Can get with 4 Cylinder for $500 less. Smaller cylinder produces a 5 second cycle time but does not have as much splitting force. Due to higher splitting force and less strain on motor and pump we recommend the 5 cylinder but we have the 4 cylinders in stock to exchange if needed.

    Machine priced with the signature Alpha Box Wedge capable of splitting up to 6 ways depending on size of the block. Add a 4 way for $500. Add a 6 way for $750.

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