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    2023 Timberwolf Pro HD XL 74HP Firewood Processor, Conveyor, 12 Way, 8 Way, 22 Inch x 24-foot logs

    The Timberwolf Pro HD XL is Timberwolf's Flagship processor. Strong and Fast, the heart of the Pro-HD XL's performance is a 74 HP [Hatz](https://www.hatznorthamerica.com/ "https://www.hatznorthamerica.com/") diesel engine which powers a 3-stage [Permco](https://www.permco.com/ "https://www.permco.com/") gear pump, which controls the splitter, saw, and auxiliary functions of the wood processor.
    The gear pump has an impressive, combined flow of 65 Gallons per minute. Thats 33 GPM to the splitter, 18 GPM to the saw, and 14 GPM to the live deck and integrated conveyor.
    With the 5"-cylinder option you get all the splitting power you need and still a cycle time of around 5 seconds.
    The Pro-HD XL offers quick cycle times because of its regeneration manifold in combination with the firewood machine's 2:1 cylinder ratio.
    The regen valve drives a regeneration cycle, which is used to decrease the time it takes to extend the rod from the cylinder until it hits the workpiece. This allows a cylinder to be extended more rapidly while using the same pump flow.
    The Pro-HD XL firewood processor has a 16' trough length but can process logs as long as 24' because of our patented top roll clamping system and back roller.
    The top roll clamping system applies 1,000 pounds of downward pressure on logs being processed, which is enough pressure to leave a few feet of the log hanging off the back roller with full security. The back roller has an hourglass shape with teeth that engage logs, so operators can move logs back and forth for necessary feed trough adjustments.
    The firewood processor comes standard with a 3-stand live deck that can be stored vertically via a hydraulic lift.
    A large 70 gallon high-capacity oil tank and cooler allows the hydraulic fluid to stay cool.
    Electric Auto Cycle makes operation easy
    4 Cord per hour output capacity
    Well-built weighing in at 9200#

    Comes with 8-way wedge standard. Ours also includes the 12-way wedge. When processing larger diameter logs you need the 8 way or 12-way to ensure piece size isn't too large. See this video of a Pro HD XL with a 12 wedge in operation. https://youtu.be/EsUj8Q0w8Xc

    Additional Processors, Splitters and Conveyors Available

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