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    2023 Built-Rite 24HPWS Commercial USA made Firewood Log Splitter, 22HP Honda V-Twin, 28GPM Pump, Auto Cycle. Comes with 4 way and 6 way adjustable wedge. Add optional 8 way wedge for $980 or 10 way for $1050. Auto Cycle is also a great time saver, 4.5" cylinder with 3" rod gives enough power while keeping fast cycle speeds. This splitter cycles at 7.7 seconds. Two stage wedge allows the horizontal split to start before vertical split. A perfect blend between speed, efficiency and power, towable from both ends with removeable tongue, well laid out for ease of operation, welded on sorting grate, extra tall 15" wedge and large heavy duty push block.

    Note if considering 8 way and 10 way wedges. 8 way can tolerate pieces with a knot if knot is faced to top so knot does not have to pass through the wedge. 10 way really needs straight knot free wood. Basic rule of splitting is the more ways you split the better the wood needs to be. 2 way and 4 way can split basically anything as they allow the wood to twist as needed when passes through, 6 way tolerates pretty bad wood but still not advised to send really bad knots through adjustable wedge as knots pass though force the wedge to flex and this over time creates metal fatigue. Always best to face bad knots up so they are split by the main 15" strong center wedge, not passing through the smaller adjustable side wedges.

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