TIER 2 / 3 BUSINESS - CIT Bank Equipment Finance

Financing with Chipper LLC Trailers & Equipment

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CIT Bank

Equipment Financing

Financing Utilizes Business Credit ONLY

Must be prepared to provide EIN/Tax ID, or Schedule C.

If you have not developed anything utilizing your business credit and are a recent startup, the interest rates will be fairly high. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done about this, as there are no lenders I have found that give desirable interest rates to individual with under 1 year in business. If you have a good personal credit score to reference(700+), then the rates will be better.

I have no way to finance machinary through personal credit other than if you were to be using it solely for personal means. This would be either a farm, or using it on your own property. I am sorry there is not much more I can do. If you know a lender that is willing to finance machinary under personal credit, please let me know. I am always looking for better lenders, who can compete with the ones I am currently utilizing. 

If you are using this solely on your own property and have a high personal credit score, call me and I can supply you the information of the aforementioned lender, they are not posted on this website as I do not use them frequently. 

Anyways! If you have been in business 1-2 year, expect not volatile, but not tier A interest rates. If you have been in business for 3 years+ and have good business credit history, and potentially a high personal credit score to reference you can expect 4.9% - 8/9%.

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